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Our lab includes professional and hygienic facilities, including our Media Prep Room, Climate Controlled Incubation Rooms, Media Storage Cool Rooms, and NATA Certified Laminar Flows.


Initiation Service

  • We conduct a realistic assessment of a crops potential for success prior to agreeing to take it on.
  • Regular progress reporting is provided
  • Annual fee that is only renewed after discussion on progress
  • Initiation fee that can be discounted against first commercial production

Contract Production

  • A variety of crops are produced by tissue culture and then grown on as young plants in our nursery, or supplied to our customers as direct TC.
  • Tissue culture, also known as micropropagation, ensures the exact duplication of genetics and the protection of your most valuable clones
  • There is a common misconception that tissue culture implies genetic modification
  • It is important to note that genetic modification is the manipulation of an organisms genome using biotechnology which changes the genetic make up of the cells
  • There is no genetic modification of the plants through the TC process
  • Micropropagation uses the techniques of tissue culture for the sole purpose of multiplication without changes to the cells.
  • Throughout the process, developed protocols are stringently following to ensure that the plants remain 'True to Type' with no diversification in quality or yield from the known mother plant.
  • We are well experienced in handling large volume production, from both our Australian and overseas contract production laboratories and also through our young plant nursery 

Export Capability

  • Ramm Tissue Culture is registered under the Export Control Act 1982 with the Australia Department of Agriculture.
  • We are well positioned to facilitate the processing and shipping of young plants and tissue culture all over the world.
  • Prescribed goods for export must be prepared, stored, handled and/or presented for inspection at a registered establishment
  • At Ramm, plant material is inspected on site by Biosecurity and shipped from Sydney, NSW
  • We have experience exporting many different genera, both as plugs and as tissue culture.

Intellectual Property and Proprietary Lines

  • We have been producing tissue culture and developing protocols for proprietary lines for many years and have been entrusted with unique genetics by plant breeders from around Australia and all over the world.
  • Ramm Tissue Culture are committed to the protection of our own intellectual property (IP) and the intellectual property of our customers
  • We have an in-house Qualified Person (QP) to handle Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) applications, as managed by IP Australia.
  • Ramm is always willing to sign and adhere to the terms of any confidentiality and/or exclusivity agreement as requested by any breeder which we agree to work with
  • Confidential IP will never be shared with third parties and all genetic material remains the property of the owner.


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